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Sgt. Damon’s Art A severely wounded Iraq War Veteran’s journey of discovery and therapy through painting.
Amputees in Hollywood Our mission is the realistic portrayal of the amputee in the media, and amputees in amputee roles in movies and on television.

Secondly the authentic representation of prostheses, and the professionals who provide prosthetic services.

GIMP “GIMP beautifully resets preconceptions about bodies and movement.”
“What’s Bugging Seth”

“What’s Bugging Seth” is based on a man who is hearing-impaired looking for success. He meets Alma, (played by Amy Purdy, a double amputee from Las Vegas), and their relationship changes lives dramatically. The film focuses on the issues of insecurity and independence.
John Denner If you’ve heard anything about John Denner, you probably know he was born without a right hand.  And if you’ve had the privilege of hearing him play, you also know he’s one of the most phenomenal guitar players in rock today.
One armed bassist Bill Clements is a bass player with one arm (or at least one hand). Fortunately, it’s his left arm, and he’s exceptionally good at playing bass with that it (and a bandana tied around the neck of the bass to stop notes ringing on).
Amputees in Action AinA (Amputees in Action Ltd) are an agency that specialise in supplying amputees as extras and specialist action scene extras for the film and television industries both home and abroad.
Jazzy Jackie Foster Fine Art

Jackie Foster is an artist who creates abstract original paintings using a highly unusual painting technique. She is an amputee who paints using her finger nubbins. Highly unusual? Yes. Extremely cool? Most definitely!

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