Illustrated Children’s Book Addresses Illness, Amputation and Healing

Readers, young and old, have an opportunity to learn about amputation and amputees in new book

How many times have you said, “Nobody understands what it’s like to be an amputee”? Or how many times have you had to explain to children what an amputation is and why you had to have one? Wouldn’t it be nice if people knew that an amputee is just like everyone else, except that he or she is missing a limb or limbs and might have to find creative ways of doing things?

Author/illustrator Mary Garcia’s new book Boo-Boo’s New Leg: A True Story of Illness, Acceptance, and Healing was produced for that very purpose. Although it’s technically a children’s book, the story, which is illustrated with colorful pastel drawings, is one that both children and adults can enjoy and learn from.

In the book, readers meet 10-year-old Sara, who shares the story of a sick adult friend who is hospitalized. When her older friend has an amputation, Sara learns about the operation, what it means, and why it is done. While saddened to see her friend lose her leg, Sara learns valuable lessons from the experience, which she passes on to readers.

“I was inspired to write and illustrate this book because of the nickname, ‘Boo-Boo,’ that my friend’s young daughter, Sara, gave to our mutual friend who experienced a painful vascular illness resulting in the amputation of her left leg below the knee,” says Garcia. “Boo-Boo’s positive outlook and wonderful sense of humor could be used to educate children about the reality of illness, hospitalization, and how that kind of positive outlook aids in healing.”

Garcia says that she herself learned that “one’s life can be just as fulfilling after an amputation as it was before, and a good sense of humor IS the best medicine of all.” She encourages people to use the book as tool to talk to children about what can happen during illness, treatment and recovery.

Mary Garcia

Mary Garcia

“Sometimes the most difficult medical choices can bring about the healing of not only the body but the inner self as well,“ Garcia says.

Boo-Boo’s New Leg is an excellent addition to the limited books available for children about amputation and amputees. For more information about the book and the author/illustrator or to purchase the book, visit or

A portion of the sales of Boo-Boo’s New Leg will be donated to the Amputee Coalition and the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation.