Arthur’s Story of Inspiration

A lot of us learn from the determination of others. Their story can sometimes inspire us to take the next step in our progression, whatever that may be. While there are many inspiring stories out there, Arthur’s is one we thought you might want to see.

The producers of the movie have a Kickstarter project if you wish to contribute or put in your order for the DVD when it comes out.

AgrAbility program offers hope and help to agriculture workers with disabilities

The National AgrAbility Project is celebrating 20 years of helping farmers, ranchers and other agriculture workers who become injured or disabled return to work.

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Scout’s Story (2008 YouTube Video)

Amputee comes from Chinese orphanage to America and returns to China to compete in Paratriathlon World Championships 16 years later

Scout Bassett, a young Chinese-born athlete who lost her leg to burn injuries as a small child, was later adopted from an orphanage by an American couple and was brought to the United States. Now an adult, Scout participates in triathlons and is returning to China to compete in the Paratriathlon World

Quad amputee returns to scuba diving

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Bionic hand helps girl regain independence

A 15-year-old girl who lost her fingers at age 3 from chickenpox complications regains her independence after she receives a new bionic hand. The high-tech device has changed her life both physically and emotionally. The youngster no longer cares if people stare at her because she loves the hand and can do things now that she didn’t think were possible.